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Tantra Sarp​á​-​Vid, Music for Meditation

by WildTantra

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Sit in front of each other at a little distance with your eyes closed. Place your hands on your knees. Let your body relax and keep your spine straight and alive. Bring your attention to the root of the spine. Feel it deeply connected to the earth. When you are grounded in this connection, visualize a coiled snake under you. Rotate your body slowly in a anti-clockwise direction, keeping your spine straight. As you do so, invite the snake to awaken. This invitation is a very sweet, sensual seduction of your energy to awaken, to come alive. Bring joy, sensuality, play and sincerity into this invitation.
Come into yab-yum position with your partner. Place your hands at the base of your partner’s spine and rotate together in a anti-clockwise direction. Let the snake rise in your first chakra by gently pulling it up with your in-breath and by simply charming. Remember the snake is your friend, your energy; it listens to you and it follows everything you suggest. Breathe in the meeting with the first chakra of your partner. It is important here to understand that you are breathing into the meeting of both first chakras and not especially in your first chakra or the chakra of your partner. Let go into the meeting. Keep rotating in a anti-clockwise direction. It might become faster or slower depending of the meeting in the chakras. Trust the flow that arises… Every four and half minutes you will hear a bell to prompt you to shift the meeting to the next chakra, from the first to the second, and hence moving up the meeting in every chakra up to the seventh. Every time you shift to another chakra place your hands on your partner’s back at same the level of the chakra.
Stop the rotation of your body and relax in the meeting. Both your snakes, energies, are now floating, meeting in your seventh chakra. Keep breathing softly together. Allowing the meeting takes you to a deeper level of togetherness. You have nowhere to go and nothing to do. Let your breathing become very soft, transparent. Relax, let go and embrace the mystery of the life force. After some time you might like to lie down together and rest.


This music is composed of three tracks to accompany you into the Tantric Meditation of the Sarpá-Vid meaning the snake charmer. The meditation method is for you to open up fully your life force through your whole body and to let it expand in your subtle body where it calls forth the Kundalini force to vibrate through your energy centers (chakras). Kundalini is then making visible and sensible the qualities of consciousness held in all the chakras making it possible for you to manifest them in your life.
The Sarpá-Vid Meditation Music is composed by Nirava. The meditation has been created by Pema Gitama, the founder of WildTantra.

This meditation can be practiced with a partner or alone.


released November 15, 2012


all rights reserved




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